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Nic Jayne

Hi Gary, I really enjoyed your course last week. By far the best first aid training I have ever done. Loved that you used real life examples - no one has ever done that in the other first aid courses I have previously attended and therefore when I was faced with a real cardiac arrest I really wasn't prepared  for what would happen. Whereas if I had been taught by you I would have know what to expect a bit more. Keep up with the jokes and I will be recommending you to everyone! Also - you should add 'reviews' to your facebook page so people can give you 5 stars (don't ask me how)!

Darren Smith

Hello everybody.

I recently did the first aid course including CPR on the 18/11/13 and highly recommend everybody to do it especially this one with Gary. I have done a few now with different trainers and Gary is by far the best.

Paul Chiffer

Hi, Gary. I've attended many courses over the years with Red Cross, First Response, Queensland Ambulance Service and St John First Aid, and your course has been the most useful, informative and enjoyable of them all. Thank you. 

Terry Bigeni

I attended your First Aid Refresher on 13/06/14, and must admit it was a fun session, yet very educational. I love the way you keep things simple - so that we are not overwhelmed by it all, but we are able to remember all the important stuff. And ..... don't worry about your bad jokes - they lighten the atmosphere!

Doretta Meyer, Tablelands Regional Council

Thank you very much for the brilliant training over the last couple of days. You made the first aid training fun with your outgoing personality. With your witty humour you managed to get people to listen and kept every bodies interest going over the entire 2 day period. I have been telling my work colleagues how much I have been enjoying your course and will keep on recommending you to everybody who wants to know.

Dan Aylott

Hi Gary just a quick note to say thank you for the First Aid course you held Saturday of last weekend. By far it was the best and most interesting First Aid course I have ever been on, and I have done my certificate 3 or 4 times. The knowledge passed on and the reasons behind it were invaluable. I now feel so much more confident than I have in the past. So once again Thank You. 

Tim Reilly

We had a bloke have a heart attack at work. He was sitting on the duck board and keeled over, I was given a real easy time by the investigators because i did everyhting by the book, and i was able to explain what every one was supposed to do and why. In the refresher i did with you in august or september you explained everything very well and in detail that i have never herd before, so THANKS.

Leah Thorne

Hi Gary, I'm glad I chose Cairns First Aid for CPR training. It was the best First Aid training I've received. Information about the body's systems help me understand the why's and how's of what we do as first aiders. Great presentation Gary


 Just thought I would let you know that the wealth of knowledge I absorbed from your class paid off today as I put some of those skills to use. A lady fell backwards hitting her head on the tarmac whilst climbing into her car. Ambulance was called, I provided first aid assistance to make sure she was ok till the ambulance arrived and all was ok. Feels good helping people and couldnt understand how 7 or 8 people walked by like nothing was happening. Keep up the good work.


Hey Gary, I just wanted to extend my most sincere gratitude for all the energy you put into the Apply First aid course. You are a most dynamic and engaging teacher and I really enjoyed learning from you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in such an accessible manner. It is a truly honourable service.


Hi Gary, Thanks for the wonderful course, it was both interesting and fun and you are a very good instructor! I feel much better knowing I could actually help (or know what to do) in a situation now! Thanks again.

Amy (+ Kylie)

Hi Gary. I just wanted to say on behalf of myself and kylie, Thank you very much for a very informative and enjoyable day, We both came away feeling confident and refreshed and look forward to courses with yourself in the future. Thanks.

Norma Dillon

Hi Gary, I would just like to say thank you for the last 2 days You are fantastic at your job.. I'm so glad I chose your company for my training.. Thanks again.

Melanie Boon

Last month I saved a man's life thanks to your wonderful training! He was bitten by a brown snake across the road from my work - I kept calm and so did he as I did the compression bandage. The ambulance arrived quickly and he was transported to mossman hospital. His heart stopped twice and he was given lots of anti venom he recovered fully and thanked me for saving his life. Now I'm thanking you you are professional and thorough in your training and it has helped me to help others.

Graham (Buzzy) Burridge Branch Manager PCYC

Thanks Gary, feedback I have had from the staff all agrees, your presentation and style was enjoyed immensely. John commented that he has done numerous 1st aid courses and yours was by the far the best, most practically informative and enjoyable. Just thought you’d like the feedback! Cheers, Buzzy.


thanks for the course yesterday, as I said on my form, it was the best first aid course I have done in my 12 years or so of doing them. Understanding the why of things certainly makes a difference to my learning and I retain things a lot better if I understand that! Many thanks for taking the time to explain things.

Will Stribbling

I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent course you provided. I got a lot out of it and you were a very good teacher. I feel very confident in my First Aid abilities now and if I do need to use my new skills I will do so without hesitation. Thanks very much.

Chris Cunningham, RFDS Queensland Section

Thanks Gary, I did enjoy your training and it was honestly the best first aid course I have been to in over 15 years of doing regular updates. Thanks champ… Chris


Hi Gary,I would like to thank you for today's training, it was relaxed, informative and removed alot of the useless information and replaced it with real world knowledge providing a good learning environment.

Tony Sutton (Anthony)

I would like to thank you so much for your time and knowledge. It was fantastic to attend a course run by such a knowledgeable trainer who is extremely passionate for the subject and his students, ensuring every student fully comprehends the subject matter and passes for certification.

Shawn Brack

Thanks for the fantastic training session Gary. I have done a lot of first aid courses with a lot of different organisations and I have to say that your 'real life' approach is the best I have seen. It was nice to be educated on what to expect in the real world and not just what you read in a text book. Great job mate!!!

Virginia Carr, Mareeba District Flexi Support Association

Gary’s natural ability to deliver the important content in a very digestible way that the average person understands was outstanding! Gary also makes the session interesting with his knowledge and first hand experience in First aid, which kept the group engaged. For myself personally, Gary’s training delivery skills have raised the bar of what I expect from first Aid trainers!

Daina Brampton

By far the best & most useful 1st Aid Course I have done. Great trainer. The penny drops & she finally understands! Thank you.

Kidschoice Bayview

Fantastic training. Would definitely use this company again for myself and my team. Gary made sure we all understood every part of the course before moving on. Thank-you Gary and see you again in a year for CPR!

Peta Randle, Prescare

Thank you. I honestly learnt more from this course than other trainings I've done. You explained it all we'll and simple as well as entertaining.

Rachael Hall

Hi Gary. I just have to say, that out of all the first aid’s trainings I have sat through yours is actually the only one I have learnt something useful from. Now after attending your course, I don’t feel overwhelmed by it all. I found myself telling my mum about what I had learnt on Saturday and recommended that she go do your course...


Hi Gary

I have had several of the inspectors comment to me how much they enjoyed the training yesterday. Comments such as... “Gary is so down to earth” “Gary has a sense of humour” “It was the best first aid training we have had” And the best one ... “Kell, you are onto a winner here with Gary”. So thankyou Gary.  Normally when they return from first aid training each year they whinge about the training  saying how boring it all was. You have made my life easier by making them all happy. THANKYOU!

Graham Sievewright

Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2016 9:59 AM
To: Gary
Subject: Re: First Aid training follow up for the 17th of Oct, 2016
Hi Gary

just to say I found the day training with you was very easy to follow and to understand.

From me sending the first email enquiry to you sending the certificate, I commend the speed, efficiently , and thought that you were very organized and accommodating. 
I will certainly contact you when the renewals are due.
Thanks Gary


G’day Gary, I just wanted to let you know that my boys and I really got a lot out of your course last Thursday. It was informative, relevant, confidence inspiring and you delivered it with passion, enthusiasm and good humour.  Rory and Nathan both commented that it was the best first aid course they had attended.  Thanks very much and I’ll be recommending you to fellow industry business owners. Cheers, JOE Brookes


Thanks so much for a fantastic class! You were interesting and the way you delivered everything was great! You made it interesting and I wanted to listen. That's what makes a great teacher... so thank you! 

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